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Auxiliary Awards

Updated 02/01/2015 



Members of the Auxiliary, being volunteers, receive no direct compensation for the many hours of time and effort they donate to the CG.  The recognition of an Auxiliarist service, through the presentation of timely and appropriate awards, is essential to the success of the Auxiliary program. In many respects, the recognition they receive through these awards can be considered to be their "paycheck."  The service and actions of the Auxiliarist should receive the appropriate recognition and awards to the maximum extent possible.


Auxiliary Program Ribbons are awarded in four areas of service: Meritorious Awards, District Awards, Completion of a Course, and Unit or Special Awards.  Any member may make a recommendation via the Chain of Leadership and Management for a Meritorious Awards..


Commodore David Starr


Awards Committee:

Tracy E. DeLaughter (DCAPT-S)  8WR District Awards                       

Stephen P. Bein (DCAPT-N)  Coast Guard Meritorious Awards  

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