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Updated 3 December 2014

How to Become an Aid Verifier
Reference and study materials need to complete the PQSs can be found at:
http://pdept.cgaux.org/nsAidVerifier.html and at http://www.trlmo.com/cgaux8wr/aton/avdocs.html

Purpose of this Web Site:

The purpose of this web site is to communicate ideas, information and training materials to the Coast Guard Auxiliary aids to navigation staff officers and Aid Verifiers on the Eighth Western Rivers.

In any case where the information published herein conflicts with the policies and procedures as established by the Coast Guard or the Coast Guard Auxiliary, those policies and procedures shall take precedence.

About this Web Site:

This web site has been developed and is maintained primarily to support the AN staffs and the Aid Verifiers in the Eighth Western Rivers Region. The foundation was built from the standard Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary policy, procedures and memorandums of understanding. The CCGD8 Standard Operating Procedures, Chapter 22 was a major source for day-to-day operations guidelines.

On this foundation, a superstructure was constructed that is based on "information" from many sources: exemplary missions and reports, inaccurate or incomplete reports, feedback, After Action Reports and other forms of input from the aids to navigation staffs, the Aid Verifier community, and from the Coast Guard active duty and reserve members on the "A" side (including Bridge Administration).

Feedback: Suggestions that would improve the content and usability of this Web site are expected and appreciated. If this site is not meeting your needs, please e-mail your comments to: DSO-NS 8WR, MikeYerion at mryerion@yahoo.com.


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